I was born and raised in Vermont and from a very young age I knew my purpose was to make a difference in my community. I successfully convinced my parents to start recycling years before it became mandatory. I remember sitting in my dad’s lap watching Dan Rather and Peter Jennings talking about the Iran Contra affair. I even interviewed the President of Rowley Fuels after an oil spill in the Lamoille River in my hometown of Milton – in elementary school. I’ve always had a heart to fight for the underdog. In a Democracy it is our duty to hold each other accountable and take care of one another. I have volunteered or donated money to more causes than I can count. My husband Benjamin says I’m the original SJW. Locally I have worked with Women Helping Battered Women, Women’s Rape Crisis Center, Vermont Freedom to Marry, and served on the Board of the Vermont Victim/Survivor of Crime Council. Through this work, I had the opportunity to make a difference in my community as well as influence policy changes at the local and state level.

I graduated from Champlain College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting when they still had the two plus two program and like many people raised in Vermont, I learned Values like tolerance, hard work, personal responsibility and a real acceptance of people for who or whatever they want to be. Especially in Burlington you could let your freak flag fly and no one ought to say a thing about it. Assuming you aren’t hurting others or yourself then you ought to be judged based on the content of your character.

I’ve taken those Vermont Values with me as I’ve traveled and lived around the country. I met my amazing husband Benjamin in Austin Texas seven years ago. With his love and encouragement I started my own business(s), and began pursuing my childhood dream of being involved in politics.

That is the beauty of liberalism, and offense is its cost. That is why I believe the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States are two of the most important documents ever written. They establish the framework for a society where this redneck from rural Vermont can be anything she wants to be…even President.

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Boost The Economy

I am an accountant so I believe things should balance.  When people are able to  make enough money to thrive, many of the other issues get taken care of in the process.  That’s why I will focus on economically stimulating Vermont.  This is something that everyone agrees would better our state.

Lower Taxes

Being fiscally conservative, I believe that you know best what to do with your own money.  You and your family worked hard for it so why should the government snatch it away before you even get to see it?  I intend to halt this rising wave of tax increases to keep more of Your money in Your pockets.  Where it belongs.

Public Health and Safety

Vermont has many issues involving crime and rampant drug addiction.  I have been involved in the recovery community for over 11 years and I will continue to offer that experience in order to stem this current epidemic.

Ways to get Involved

I can’t win this race without your help! Flyering, word-of-mouth, and donating are all ways of joining us in this fight!

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Ericka for Senate

One who is Rigorously Honest and will tell you the truth, even when it’s inconvenient? If you want for a Senator who has faced the struggles we are facing in our Brave Little State, and came out the other side stronger and more courageous…

Learn more about our shared values, find links to interviews and videos of me talking about these topics, and a detailed economic plan that addresses the challenges I’ve outlined above.