Tom McLinden

“Drugs, crime, and human trafficking flowing over our open boarders, defunding the police, sky high gas prices and runaway inflation, violent felons set free to victimize our neighbors, and foreign policy failures; it doesn’t have to be this way. Ericka Redic will go to Washington to solve problems not create them. She will represent Vermonters […]

Randall Northrop

“I fully support Ericka Redic as a conservative voice to represent Vermont. She is articulate, funny, smart and motivated to do a hard job in Washington. I think she will make a great congresswoman.” – Randall Northrop, Caledonia County Republican Chair

Carol DuPont

“I’ve been lucky to have spent some time with Ericka and see her in action. She has the energy and intelligence and life experience to deal with Washington.” – Carol DuPont, Bennington County Republican Chair

Terry Burke

“Ericka is a diligent worker, a creative communicator, a constitutional conservative, a compassionate & empathetic citizen, and always a small government advocate. I consider her a friend and support her campaign for US Congress.” – Terry Burke, Rutland County Republican Chair

Randy Gray

I fully support Ericka Redic on a personal level and will do anything within my means to make her victory happen. I have donated to her campaign and would be grateful if we all could work together to elect a strong conservative candidate!” – Randy Gray, Windsor County Republican Chair

Miriam Berry

“Ericka Redic is the Congresswoman who will best advocate for Vermont’s health workers. She will be our champion for staffing, workplace safety and quality of patient care.”

Tom Nelson

Tom Nelson

As a Vermonter who grew up in Barre and who has served our state in a Public Safety career lasting over 40 years, I am pleased to endorse Ericka Redic for the United States Congress in 2022. I am a retired VT. State Police Captain who has continued serving with the US Marshal’s, Department of […]

Lt. Gov Brian Dubie

Lt. Governor Brian Dubie

I am pleased to endorse Ericka Redic to represent Vermont in the United States Congress. Ericka is a great listener. She will listen to Vermonters and work hard to find common sense solutions in Congress. Ericka will scrutinize federal spending, support US energy independence, and will support policies that will grow the economy. I trust […]