Ericka Redic for Congress

Redic for Congress 2022


Parents rights and school choice

The people in the best position to make decisions about a child’s education and health are their parents.

We ought to empower parents with information and choices that work for their family and circumstances, not school boards and teachers unions.

The schools belong to you and I. As taxpayers and parents, we are paying the ever rising budgets and seeing lower standards of excellence.

Families should have the option to home school or enroll in charter schools without severe restrictions from the state.

Let’s get teachers back to teaching and parents back to parenting.

Taxes and Cost of Living
Taxes and Cost of Living

The Green Mountain State
is well known for its beautiful landscape and impressive mountains. We have recently become better known more for our mountain of taxes, regulations and red tape than our ski resorts.

Our officials are spending money on things that make us feel good, but do little to improve the day to day lives of Vermonters.

Big Government is in the way of the average American being able to thrive.

Whether you were told your business, the way you put food on the table was not essential, or you have to have some new certification or permission to continue working, bureaucrats are picking the winners and losers and using our taxes (labor) to pay for it. 

If we are to create good paying jobs in our state, overcome the high cost of living, and end the housing crisis we must cut taxes and stop imposing rules that stifle  commerce and industry.

You will never confiscate enough wealth to cover the cost of Vermont or our Nation’s massive debt.

Just like every family in America, our government needs to tighten it’s belt and look for ways to cut the ample waste in it’s budget.

Public Safety
Public Safety

Public Safety is one the most important jobs of a public official and I believe that we can make a few simple changes and get things back on track. It is almost impossible for people to be happy and productive if they believe that their lives and property aren’t secure.

Unfortunately crime is on the rise in Vermont and across our Nation. The negative effects are countless.

Vermont saw the largest increase in overdose deaths in the country.

Businesses are closing or moving because of the unprecedented and unsuccessful experiment of not prosecuting shoplifters. 

Criminal justice ought to be victim centered and rehabilitation focused.

We know that hurt people, hurt people. We ought to give aid to those who want to find a better way, without sacrificing justice for victims.

Redic for Congress 2022


If you have a skill that we can use to help with this campaign, shoot us a message! Some specific needs are for phone callers, photographers, researchers, sign wavers and video editors just to name a few! It will take more than just my team to help turn things around. We Need you to help in any way possible! Get involved and help us fight for You and our fellow Vermonters!