1. What in your background would make you a good (senator, rep, etc.)

Being born and raised in VT I was taught values like hard work, perseverance, and acceptance. With a Bachelor’s in Accounting from Champlain I have spent much of the last twenty years helping individuals and businesses achieve their goals and dreams. I know what America needs to get this economy back on track.

2. Why should Vermonters vote for you?

Vermonters should vote for me because I am the only candidate with practical, real-world experience dealing with the challenges facing our Nation. Washington is spending the earnings of future generations without regard for the impact on working class Americans. As Vermont’s next Congresswoman I will work to bring down the National Debt and help Stabilize the Economy. We will restore our Energy Independence and help ensure access to mental health services

3. What position on an issue or two makes you different from your competitors?

I presume you mean my Primary competitors? If that is the context my answer is the following:

Liam Madden is admittedly not a Republican, and has openly stated that he is an Independent and is running as an R to have access to primary activities.

Anya Tinyo and I disagree on many things including the US involvement in Ukraine and whether or not there should be a Federal abortion ban.
In a recent candidate forum with Town Meeting TV, Ms. Tinyo suggested that the US should be enforcing a no-fly zone over Ukraine (an act of war), and further that we should “kick our enemy when they are down”. I am against going to war with Russia.
At a VT Grassroots candidate forum Anya said she both supported the overturning of Roe vs. Wade because it’s a State’s Rights issue, and then advocated for a Federal abortion ban. I agree that it is a State’s Rights issue, and because I am a Constitutional conservative I am against a Federal ban.

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