Ericka Redic Launches Candidacy for Congress

February 17th, 2022

Media Contact: Benjamin N. Redic II
1127 No Ave Unit 27 #158 Burlington 05408
(802) 448-0408

Ericka Redic Launches Candidacy for Congress
Burlington, VT

Ericka Redic announced her candidacy for the United States House of Representatives, stating her purpose for running is to restore integrity, fiscal restraint, and stability to our Federal Government.

Redic says the campaign was launched because “Big Government is in the way of the average American being able to thrive. Whether you were told your business- your livelihood- was not essential, or you are required to have some new certification or permission to continue working, bureaucrats are picking the winners and losers and using our labor and our income, to pay for it.

The Green Mountain State has become better known for its mountain of taxes and regulations than its ski resorts. We’re leaving drug addicts and mentally ill
people on the street and calling it mercy. We’re stifling free speech and interfering with people’s Constitutional Rights. That’s not the American Way, and it’s definitely not the Vermont Way.”

Ericka Redic was born and raised in Vermont, and has made a career out of helping small businesses succeed. She also works with women in recovery from substance abuse and supports many organizations that uplift marginalized, under-served and at-risk people. She fights tirelessly for honest and open discourse from our local, State and Federal legislators, and pushes them to consider ideas and to think outside of their own party narrative. Her desire to fully understand an issue, dissect solutions, and her ability to see short and long-term consequences of the decisions our governing bodies are making is what will make Ericka Redic the right candidate for Congress.

Interested parties can learn more about Redic’s campaign and her platforms by visiting and Generally Irritable on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. There, interested parties will find a berth of information on her positions as well as how you can become involved in her campaign.