July 27, 2022

Media Contact: Benjamin N. Redic II
70 S Winooski Ave #114 Burlington 05401
(802) 448-0408
[email protected]


The nationally recognized UNH and 538 Polls have projected Ericka Redic to win the Republican Primary on August 9th for Vermont’s seat in the United States House of Representatives. These polls are widely accepted as credible forecasts of political trends in national and state elections. They have a record of accurate predictions and, if its expectations hold true, we can expect a race between Republican Ericka Redic and Democrat Becca Balint in November’s general election.

The Balint campaign reflects a conventional progressive approach to solving problems through enhanced government action, increases in taxes and less personal liberty. By contrast, the Redic campaign understands that Vermonters want pragmatic, common sense solutions that preserve our institutions while lowering the cost of living, addressing inflation and ensuring we can provide basic necessities like baby formula.

Ericka Redic, a working-class Vermonter, understands that bigger government is not the answer to the problems facing our nation. We are experiencing the failure of such a belief. Redic’s message of restoring Integrity, Transparency, and Accountability to Washington is being compared to the Democrat/Progressive habits of greater expenditure of taxes, greater government involvement in our lives, and still greater concentration of power in Washington.

Vermonters will have a very clear choice this November. Keep the status quo of high energy prices, food inflation and supply chain shortages, or elect the one candidate with practical, real world experience in getting finances under control. Elect an accountant, not another politician.

Learn more about Ericka Redic’s campaign for Congress and her platforms by visiting and her social media at Generally Irritable on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram — You’ll find a WEALTH of information on her positions and how you can get involved!


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